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Great Composers: Mozart

DVD, Европейский Союз / 1997 г.

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Режиссер: Крис Русманис
В ролях: Джонатан Миллер, Чарлс Розен, Имоген Купер
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was without doubt the most prodigiously gifted of all Western composers. More than any other composer, it is his mythological biography - from the archetypal 'Wunderkind'childhood to his early obscure death - that defines our popular conception of a great composer.This film unravels two hundred years of fiction and myth.The deteriorating relationship Mozart had with his father, and his choice of Constanze for his wife are re-assessed in this film which expertly depicts the intrigue and jealousy that surrounded his life. Interviewees include Charles Rosen, Imogen Cooper and Jonathan Miller with extracts from Le none di Figaro, Don Giovanni, Die Zauberflote, Cosi fan ruffe, Die Entfiihrung aus dem Serail and Piano Concerto No 2.


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