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Ultimate Family Quiz Challenge

DVD, Великобритания / 2006 г.

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The Ultimate Family Quiz Challenge is a game for the whole family to enjoy! Featuring over 2000 questions (including 100 visual clues) on categories as diverse as General Knowledge, Entertainment, Sport & Leisure, Art & Literature and History, this is a Quiz you'll want to play again and again. Adults and children of all ages can play with levels of difficulty to suit everyone. Play as individuals or in teams. Choose questions for adults, young children or older kids. Play rounds of 10, 20 or 30 questions. Choose from the four answers on screen before the time is up. Kids - 7 and under: Which animal has tusks? How many portions of fruit and veg should you eat each day? Kids - 8 and over: What is a junior Girl Guide known as? On which part of the body would a bonnet be worn? Adults: Which band's debut album was called "Parachutes"? Who was...


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