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обложка Massenet: Thais

Диск "Massenet: Thais"

Libretto By Louis Gallet, Based On The Novel By Anatole France. Thais - Renee Fleming Athanael - Thomas Hampson Niсias - Michael Schade Palemon - Alain Vernhes ...

Полное описание фильма Massenet: Thais
обложка Matthew Bourne's: Nutcracker!

Диск "Matthew Bourne's: Nutcracker!"

Matthew Bourne's stunning production of Nutcracker! has broken all box office records during its season at Sadler's Wells and subsequent national tour. This delicious production is full of his trademark style of wit, pathos and theatrical magic. ...

Полное описание фильма Matthew Bourne's: Nutcracker!
обложка Michael Glinka: A Life For The Tsar

Диск "Michael Glinka: A Life For The Tsar (A Life For The Tsar)"

The setting for A Life for the Tsar'is Russia and a Polish camp in 1613. Following the Russian revolution, the Communist regime renamed this intrinsically Russian opera after the main character, Ivan Susanin. The emphasis was then changed from the ...

Полное описание фильма Michael Glinka: A Life For The Tsar
обложка Modest Mussorgsky: Boris Godunov

Диск "Modest Mussorgsky: Boris Godunov"

Boris Godunov is the quintessential Russian opera and brings to the stage one of the most curious episodes in the history of 16th-century Russia. After Mussorgsky's death in 1881, the work was revised by Rimsky-Korsakov whose version is sung in this ...

Полное описание фильма Modest Mussorgsky: Boris Godunov
обложка Monteverdi - L'incoronazione Di Poppea (Nicolaus Harnoncourt) (2 DVD)

Диск "Monteverdi - L'incoronazione Di Poppea (Nicolaus Harnoncourt) (2 DVD)"

"Interpreters" La Fortuna - Renate Lenhart La Virtu - Helrun Gardow Amore - Klaus Brettschneider Poppea - Rachel Yakar Ottavia - Trudeliese Schmidt Nerone - Eric ...

Полное описание фильма Monteverdi - L'incoronazione Di Poppea (Nicolaus Harnoncourt) (2 DVD)
обложка Monteverdi - L'Orfeo / Nicolaus Harnoncourt

Диск "Monteverdi - L'Orfeo / Nicolaus Harnoncourt (L'Orfeo)"

"Interpreteurs" Orfeo - Philippe Huttenlocher Euridice - Dietlinde Turban La Musica I Speranza - Trodeliese Schmidt Apollo - Roland Hermann Messaggera I Proserpina - Glenys Linos Plutone - Werner Groschel ...

Полное описание фильма Monteverdi - L'Orfeo / Nicolaus Harnoncourt
обложка Moussorgsky: Boris Godunov (2 DVD)

Диск "Moussorgsky: Boris Godunov (2 DVD)"

The complete 1872 version, filmed at the Mariinsky Theatre in 1990. This is masterly on almost ever count musical and visual, and would now be the outright choice for this work in all the media... Front stage, as it were, are some of the ...

Полное описание фильма Moussorgsky: Boris Godunov (2 DVD)
обложка Mozart - Idomeneo (2 DVD)

Диск "Mozart - Idomeneo (2 DVD)"

Taped during the first-ever performances of Idomeneo at the Metropolitan Opera in 1982, this production by Jean-Pierre Ponnelie features Frederica von Stade, Hildegard Behrens, lleana Cotrubas, and Luciano Pavarotti making a rare appearance in a Mozart ...

Полное описание фильма Mozart - Idomeneo (2 DVD)
обложка Mozart - Le Nozze di Figaro (Blu-ray)

Диск "Mozart - Le Nozze di Figaro (Blu-ray)"

This new, excitingly original production of Mozart's most popular opera was the sensation of the 2006 Salzburg Festival. "What young director Claus Guth has made of Figaro - with Harnoncourt's active collaboration - is genius ... The stellar cast ...

Полное описание фильма Mozart - Le Nozze di Figaro (Blu-ray)
обложка Mozart - Le Nozze Di Figaro (Karl Bohm) (2 DVD)

Диск "Mozart - Le Nozze Di Figaro (Karl Bohm) (2 DVD)"

This luxoriously cast film of Mozart's beloved opera buffa features a host of legendary interpretations, including Kiri Te Kanawa's exquisite Countess Almaviva, Dietrisch Fischer-Dieskau as her philandering husband, Hermann Prey as the wily title ...

Полное описание фильма Mozart - Le Nozze Di Figaro (Karl Bohm) (2 DVD)
обложка Mozart. Ascanio In Alba. Fischer

Диск "Mozart. Ascanio In Alba. Fischer"

This fascinating production takes the 15-year-old Mozart's opera composed for a Habsburg wedding as the starting point for a bold experiment in music theatre. "Reviving the 2004 Mannheim staging was a brilliant stroke by this year's Salzburg ...

Полное описание фильма Mozart. Ascanio In Alba. Fischer
обложка Mozart. Die Zauberflote. Muti (2 DVD)

Диск "Mozart. Die Zauberflote. Muti (2 DVD)"

Part of the epoch-making release of Mozart's complete operas on DVD, Pierre Audi's production of this blithe fable suggests an operatic Garden of den, enhanced by the primary-coloured, story-book designs of Karel Appel. The tale of two young men ...

Полное описание фильма Mozart. Die Zauberflote. Muti (2 DVD)
обложка Mozart. Il Re Pastore. Hengelbrock

Диск "Mozart. Il Re Pastore. Hengelbrock"

Composed for on archduke's 1775 Salzburg visit, this melodious, elegantly scored work is based on the life of Alexander the Great. "So ravishingly sung and presented with such charm that one can sense its 19-year-old creator's youthful ...

Полное описание фильма Mozart. Il Re Pastore. Hengelbrock
обложка Mozart: Glyndebourne Festival Opera. The Marriage Of Figaro

Диск "Mozart: Glyndebourne Festival Opera. The Marriage Of Figaro (Le nozze di Figaro)"

Stephen Medealf's superb production of The Marriage of Figaro opened on the 60th anniversary of the first performance at Glyndebourne, inaugurating the new opera house. Mozart's comedy presents a scenario where society overcomes its differences - ...

Полное описание фильма Mozart: Glyndebourne Festival Opera. The Marriage Of Figaro
обложка Pavarotti The DVD Collection (3 DVD)

Диск "Pavarotti The DVD Collection (3 DVD) (Rigoletto)"

Filmed on location in Italian Renaissance landmarks including the Castello di San Giorgio in Mantua, the Piazza Duomo in Cremona and the Teatro Farnese in Parma, Jean-Pierre Ponnelle's lavish production of "Rigoletto" captures all the tenderness and ...

Полное описание фильма Pavarotti The DVD Collection (3 DVD)
обложка Placido Domingo: Great scenes

Диск "Placido Domingo: Great scenes"

Placido Domingo has undoubtedly been one of the most charismatic opera singers of our time. He is featured here in extracts from works by Verdi, Puccini, Offenbach and Giordano performed at La Scala, Milan, and the Royal Opera House in London's Covent ...

Полное описание фильма Placido Domingo: Great scenes
обложка Puccini - La Fanciulla del West

Диск "Puccini - La Fanciulla del West"

Gesungen in italienischer Sprache. "Interpreten" Minnie - Barbara Daniels Jack Rance - Sherrill Milnes Dick Johnson - Placido Domingo Nick - Anthony Laciura Ashby - Julien Robbins Sonora - Kim ...

Полное описание фильма Puccini - La Fanciulla del West
обложка Puccini: Turandot

Диск "Puccini: Turandot"

La Principessa Turandot - Eva Marton Liu - Leona Mitchell II Principe Ignoto [Calaf] - Placido Domingo Timur - Paul Plishka Llmperatore Altoum - Hugues Cuenod Ping - Brian Schexnayder ...

Полное описание фильма Puccini: Turandot
обложка Richard Strauss - Elektra (Karl Bohm) (2 DVD)

Диск "Richard Strauss - Elektra (Karl Bohm) (2 DVD)"

DVD 1: For this 1981 film of Richard Strauss's expressionist masterpiece, director G?tz Friedrich collaborated with the composer's disciple Karl B?hm, who recorded the soundtrack with the Vienna Philharmonic only month before his death - ...

Полное описание фильма Richard Strauss - Elektra (Karl Bohm) (2 DVD)
обложка Richard Strauss: Der Rosenkavalier

Диск "Richard Strauss: Der Rosenkavalier"

This opulent production by Oscar-winning film director John Schlesinger, filmed in 1985, marked the 25th anniversary of Sir Georq Solti's spectacular debut at Covent Garden, conducting this very opera. "Rarely has this luscious, burnished score been ...

Полное описание фильма Richard Strauss: Der Rosenkavalier

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